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What is the St. Louis Paranomral Crew?

The St. Louis Paranormal Investigation Crew is a small research team that investigates paranormal activity using the scientific method. We work with equipment that can be used in detecting paranormal activity. We believe that evidence should be proven scientifically, and do not use Psychic's/seances or Ouija boards. We believe that these methods move more into the occult, and do not belong in a scientific investigation.

The Mission of the St. Louis Paranormal Investigation Crew:

  • Skeptically Investigate reports of unexplained activity.
  • Attempt to establish a connection between science, history, and human experiences.
  • Collect data, and analyze findings to further research into paranormal happenings.
  • Provide real education and knowledge covering the paranormal
  • Assist the living in learning how to co-exist with the dead, and ending the stigma that spirits are something meant to be feared.
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The STL Crew


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The St. Louis Paranormal Investigation Crew Core Ideas:

  • Professionalism- Each Crew member is here because they care. They will meet you with the character and attitude of a true paranormal investigator.
  • Education- We believe that education is the single most important thing you should know when it comes to the paranormal. There is often a huge stigma around the paranormal which bars us from truly being able to research and understand them.
  • Truthful- Every investigation needs honest investigators. Character is extremely important, and the ability to be truthful is the most important skill a crew member can have.
  • Fact-Based- The history and true events matter. We film and document everything. (even if it's a little embarrassing) Everyone on the crew cares about real paranormal events, which means collecting real data to back up the claims.

2024 Schedule:

  • March 9th- Methodist Village
  • April-
  • May 4th- Private Home Investigation
  • June 21st- Cemetery Run & ​Methodist Village- CANCELLED​
  • July-​
  • August 31st- Haunted 1861 Masonic Lodge​
  • September 13th- Squirrel Cage Jail​
  • September 14th- Villisca Axe Murder House​
  • October 27th- Haunted Castle House​
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Getting our start in 2021, we travel where people have experienced paranormal activity. We have had a humble start, but have investigated many interesting places such as nursing homes, old insane asylums, and houses. We also investigate claims involving objects that are said to be haunted by spirits.

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